Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The Simpkins had Church Builders that help build
new churches from all over the country at their house.
There were about 70 in attendance. Their ministry is
is to construct churches and they can do one in about
3 weeks where the church members can finish it out.

This is the Simpkins. It was held in their home
Basicially, I greeted, etertained and encouraged them.

HILLCREST BAPTIST IN CEDAR HILL This is Pastor Mike and Beverly Simmons.
Pastor Simmons wants to have me back to do a
Visual Communications Seminar with the workers.

This is Lloyd and Janelle Williams. Lloyd is the teacher of the
Bible Study and has built the class from a hand full to over 200.

Donna booked me for the banquet, and her
husband Doyle help take money on my sales table.
They were both a blessing to me and the church.

Some of the 200 hundred or so that I entertained.

There was a LIL COWBOY at the banquet.

The next morning I did a men's breakfast at Hillsdale Baptist

The Hughs fed me supper on Saturday night at their home.
He is a quite a photographer and sells his pictures.
They are members of Lone Star Cowboy Church
and play in the cowboy band in the services. I love
the Gospel music with a western flair and enthusiasm.
I painted a picture of their dog Bandy

COWBOY CHURCH IN RED OAK, TX. These folks wore kind enough to work my table.
Since Norma can't travel with me much because of
taking care of her Mother, I have to rely on volunteers.
These folks did an excellent job for me.

This is Pastor Jon Coe. He and his wife Mary
started the church from scratch 2 years ago and
is running over 300. He said I am not interested
in other peoples church members, I go after
the lost, the unchurched folks.

Some of those coming in for the service.

Some of the attendance Sunday morning where
the Lord saved 21 in that service.

View from the back of the auditorium.
The building is nothing fancy but does the job,
adding 21 more souls to the Kingdom of God.

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