Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I spoke at their Thanksgiving banquet on Saturday

This Pastor Doug Long. He took the church running
just over 40 and in two years has built a great new building,
adding on to the existing building. They now run about
about 200 and are fired up about winning and teaching.
My apologies for not getting a picture with him and his
dear family. His wife and children are just precious.
His wife Christy is the Daughter of Ed Moore, who has the
PRAYER FORCE 1 bus, and goes all over the nation
trying to get people to pray for our Nation and leaders.
Check him out, a really cool ministry.

This is Doug's brother Don. He is a lay associate,
and does a great job on the music as well as many other jobs.

Some of the congregation of the church

They kept the tables up from the banquet for services.
It worked out great for the Visual Seminar I did with
them on Sunday night. 2 were saved in services.

This is the Pastor's daughter kiley.
She had her pet pig at the banquet. He did not get eaten.

I got to see some old friends and a classmate from
Baptist Bible College in Springfield Mo. 1974-1977
David and Judy Rose have pastored but now David
is singing in a quartet and helping here in the church.

This is one of Norma's Jacob's rose
The bush climbs in view of her kitchen window.

This is a beautiful fall view of our back yard.
Burton Creek is is just below the trees.

I have some tomatoes in pots and in the ground.
Right now I have about 90 green tomatoes of
various sizes. I am hoping that they ripen before
they freeze. I wrap the plastic around when it frost.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Leon High School outside Jewett Tx honored
our Veterans on Nov 11 and had me speak. I was did my flag poem "Son Do You See Old Glory Up There"
and honored all the Veterans that came to the program.
They also gave me the freedom to tell the kids about my salvation,
and how God delivered me from following my Dad's footsteps as
an alcholic. I told them how they do not have to be enslaved
to anything. How God has given them a talent and they should
learn how to make a living with it and they will never have to work a
day in their life, because they will enjoy what they are doing for a living.
By the way when is the last time you have heard of a school allowing
someone to do gun handling? This is definitely a conservative school.
I regret not getting my pictue taken with the busy Mrs. Engleman,
that was in charge of setting up this program, and did a great job.

They had the 20 veterans set on the front row.

Here is a picture of the Vets that came
If you look close I am in the back of them.

The school auditorium was
packed with students and visitors.

This little lady did a great job on the
WWII song Boggie Woogie Bugle Boy.

I had a table set up and passed
out about 300 picture tracts.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Pastor and Mrs. Leinneweber
They are doing a great job here at Heritage.
It is a new work and running about 45.
We first met at Victory Baptist in Cedar Park Tx.
were Rick Bran is the Pastor.

They meet in the Seniors Citizen Center

I parked my motor home by the building.

Fall in Bulverde Tx too. Beautiful tree.

Set up my tables and got ready for the service.
I also taught Sunday School, and did a
Visual Communication Seminar with them Sun nite.

The church members set up the tables and chairs.

Pastor talks with visitors and members before services.

The High School National Gurard posted the colors.

Pastor Leinneweber introduces me over a table
set up to honor the Veterans in the church.

They had over 25 visitors come
and three saved in services.

A real nice musical instrument group for a small church

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


FOUNTAIN INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CHURCHPastor Wayne Hutto picked me up at Colorado Springs Airport

We were headed to Fountain Colorado

The colors were beautiful there.

The Hutto family has been at this church
for over 25 years. And have a great church.
I really enjoyed the fellowship with Pastor Hutto,
He is a hard working Pastor with a tender heart
that just loves the Lord and his people.
They also have several Sons and Daughters
serving the Lord. Several in this church.

The church building is over 100 years old

They have to have 2 services.

These two pictures are a little over half the attendance
No one was saved in the services, but we really did
enjoy preaching there as the people were already on
fire for the Lord and had just had a big number saved.

The choir had these cute members
They encourage the children to sing for the Lord
I also did a Visual Communications Seminar with the
whole church on Monday night, it was well attended
with some from other sister churches attending.