Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Do You Want My Gun
Copyright 1992 Dr. Gene Howard
Do you want my gun, or do you want my life.
Do you want my gun, or do you want my wife.
Do you want my gun, or do you want my store.
Do you want just my gun, or much much more.

What is it you really want, I must ask myself,
for it is one of the few freedoms we have left.
Maybe it’s something more political you seek,
but cannot accomplish unless we become weak.

I think of Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and the rest,
fooling the people into thinking they knew best.
They traded their arms for hoes and wooden staves,
And they traded their freedom and wound up slaves.
There are 6 more verses and the last one is a tough one, don't miss it.
You can get this poem that appeared in the NRAs The Riflemand and The Hunter.
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Thursday, June 25, 2009



Howard Braymer is the Pastor and he and his
wife Donna have been there many years doing a
good job pastoring a small but very friendly church.
I consider them my friends and love to be able to
fellowship with them when I am in the area.
They have been such an encouragement to our ministry.

Some of the congregation

A great lil choir that sings like they love the Lord

Donna is very talented and leads the Choir.
She also writes, and has written several
children's books around the character,
Rowdy Raccoon. Here is a review of her work.
You can find her books on Amazon at
Review"As a speaker, mother and teacher, Donna is uniquely qualified to craft children's books. As she invites readers to enter Rowdy's world, children and adults alike can't help but laugh, learn and be delightfully entertained. I'm sure to read every one of her books to my grandchildren time and time again. --Sharon Hoffman-Conference Speaker, Author and Founder of G.I.F.T.ed Living Ministries
SENIOR CENTER IN BOLIVAR MISSOURIII spoke to this crowd and gave out tracts.

I got to hold up the Mayor of Bolivar.

Pastor David Lingo, a former Missionary to Columbia.
Pastor Lingo is also a professor at Baptist Bible College.
He and his wife Barbara have
pastored at this church for over 20 years.
The church has as been a supporter of our
ministry for about 12 years now.
They were gracious enough to take me
a trip to Costa Rica and I trained several
hundred workers from all over Costa Rica
in San Jose in the use of Visuals and how to draw.

The heart of the church, the Wednesday night
crowd. It was good to see some supporters.
They are doing a good job, having just remodeled
the whole church and it is beautiful. Thank you
Berean for your faithful support of this ministry

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


VISITING THE VA HOSPITAL IN FAYETTEVILLE AR Pastor Slate took me to the hospital and carried
over 600 picture tracts of which over 400 were passed out.
He also carried my camera and was my Popa razzi so
you could see what the Lord did with us today.

This Carol Kick. She is the Director of Volunteer Services.
She warmly greeted us and took us all over the hospital.
when it was all done, she invited me to come back to
visit the hospital anytime.

I apprecite the staff and what they do for our Vets.

This lady was taken with JW and a character herself.

These men were in a special unit and were a blessing to me.

Every patient has a medical need and a Spiritual need.

I was in awe of all the medals and patches on this fellow.

They love JW and want to take a picture with me.
It is not about Gene Howard, but using the image as a tool.

I like bringing a smile to a Vet's face.
Some haven't had much to smile about.

All in all it was a great day.

Monday, June 15, 2009



June 14 Pastor Jerry Elmore was gone on a mission trip to Equador,
and I filled in for him. He has done a super job here in Springdale,
pastoring the Church for about 30 years now. He is a brilliant man
not only in the Bible, but he invented and patented
and put on the market a table mover. Pastor Elmore and
his wife Lona are to be commended for their
faitfulness all these years to the Lord.

His Associate Scott and his lovely wife Jessica took me out
to eat one of my favorites, Chinese food.

in the main service, 6 of these children raised their hand
that they had asked Jesus into their lives.
Bro. Scott saw their hands and will follow up on them

Pastor Claude Slate has done a great job there.
They bought a church building and completely
re-did the inside and it is lovely.
They got me on the radio and had several visitors,
and a great Sunday night crowd. But they always
have a pretty good crowd on Sunday night.
They recently had to go to 2 services in the morning.
They will be putting in a whole new parking lot
with grass islands totalling about $150,000
God has really blessed them.

The choir was small but sang the old Gospel songs like a hundred.
Two children raised their hands, and will be followed up. They
had 6 children saved that morning. There was a good altar call and a good spirit.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Pastor Ronnine Barefield with some of the congregation.
He and the church Unity Baptist was so hospitable to Norma and I.
They paid for our stay in a State Park close to the church.

Some more of the crowd on Wed night. They had me
on a last minute basis and did not have time to promote.

Norma in front of the Union County Court House in downtown Ripley

The men had a skeet shoot on Sat morning and invited me
I helped Pastor Barefield shoot the holes in the donuts. LOL

This member is in his 80's and is a great shooter.

He had a shotgun with a fiberglass barrel. A lot lighter.
It was great fellowship, shooting and food.

SUNDAY MORNING MAY 31 AT MARTIN BAP IN NEW ALBANYPastor and Mrs. Russell They have done a great job with the church
and are starting a boys home,and get their first
boy this week. Pray for this ministry.

Prayer room before services. Most unusual with the cross.

Some of those attending. The Lord saved 2 that morning

This cross was cut from one big cypress tree.
It is beautiful. Must have taken a lot of work.

May 31 Sunday night. The Lord came down at New Life in Madison MsThe woman between the Pastor and I got saved.
The one by Norma was saved but had a glorious
reeducation to the Lord. I tell you the Spirit of God
was so strong in that service you could just feel God's presence.
It was like that service in Abilene Ks where 48 got saved in one service.
Except only one God got saved and one re-dedicated, but no less
of the moving of God on hearts and the altar filled.
Some of the attendance that Sunday night. One soul
saved was worth not having time for lunch an driving
the over 200 miles to Madison from New Albany.
Our fellow church members from Texas Ave. Baptist
in College Station showed up in the service. Justin and
Courtney Chambers just moved to the area after graduating
from A&M and getting a job in the Jackson Ms. area. They
are looking for a church and got to meet the Pastor and his wife

After services, we all went to Applebees and fellowshiped.
The Pastor Frye and is wife on the right, and Harold Parks
his Assoc and is wife on the left. They are doing a great job
with a small church that just got it's building this year and
already has had 17 saved. The Pastor and the church is on
fire for the Lord and that church will grow, I promise you.
Pastor Butch and Bro. Harold and their wives have the same
positive "Lets get souls saved" attitude that Lee Pearson had
when he started Grace Baptist in Rosenberg Tx where Norma
I were charter members. Look for the Lord to do great
things with this church and it's congregation.

Thank you so much for praying and supporting this ministry.
You have a part in the souls saved by these churches because
of encouraging them in the work of the Lord.

Gene and Norma Howard