Monday, May 26, 2008


Wow...Great Services at Smyrna Baptist in Pensacola Florida.

The Pastor's Son Jeff is the Associate Pastor
and did a tremendous job of singing the
Lee Greenwood's song about Proud to be an American

There was good altar calls at both service and 1 got saved.

Pastor Adams like Chinese food as much as I do,
and the first rattle out of the box he took me to the best
Chinese buffet I had ever eaten, bar none, it was great.

If you are ever in Pensacola and like Chinese food go there

I love seafood, and they have it all.

I loved the clams, octopus, and
I really enjoyed the crawfish

After the Sunday night services we went to Cracker Barrel,
where I passed out about 30 tracts while we were waiting for our food.
Our waitress was celebrating her birthday,and I don't know what all
she got for her birthday, but I gave her the best present
of all if she wasn't saved, the way to get to Heaven.


1Ki 14:24 And there were also sodomites in the land: and they did according to all the abominations of the nations which the LORD cast out before the children of Israel.

Pastor Adams witnessed to this Lesbian for
almost a half an hour. She is lost and said she
didn't care, but I think there must be some
conviction there for to stay that long with
Pastor Adams giving her the word of God.

The Pastor's Wife came too and held up a sign
along with other ladies from Smyrna, and other churches.

Most were very happy to be there witnessing,
and passing out tracts to those that would take them.

I had better than average success in getting them to
take my picture with a tract on the back. Some that would
not take one I tried to tell them how Jesus
died for them as they walked away to the bar.

They had to walk past a lot scripture and
tracts to get to that homosexual bar.

The Fundamental Baptist Churches here in Pensacola
have done a great job in witnessing to them and shutting
down what had been an event with thousands of homosexuals
renting the civic center. Now the are down to just a hundred
or two going to the Emerald Bar. Other Churches need to take
a lesson from these Baptist that virtually shut down a
homosexual event of enormous perportions.

Sunday, May 11, 2008



What an easy way to get the Gospel to the lost. Because of my image, and the voice that God gave me, most people will take it and watch it. In this Video I talk about the sacrifice for our physical freedom and uplift our Veterans, and then I talk about the Spiritual Freedom that only Jesus Christ our Lord can give. You won't see a pulpit in this message, but what you will see behind me are the planes coming in at Pearl Harbor, and the nails being driven on the cross. It is the clearest presentation of the Gospel that I have ever preached. I am offering it at only $15.00, with free shipping. For a limited time, for an additional $5.00, I will include an audio copy of this message on CD. Loan them to lost Loved Ones, Relatives, Friends, Co-Workers, and Neighbors. At the end, I go though the sinners prayer with them, and I tell them that if they have received Christ as Savior, to contact you, that they need to be Baptized, and get into a good church that
preaches the Gospel. When you pick it up from them, ask them what they thought about it. Many say, "I prayed that prayer with him", or "I receive Christ as my Savior". You say " He talks about getting in a good church, why don't you come visit our Church this Sunday. What a great visitation tool and oppertunity to get the Gospel to those you care for. Don't put it off, the fields are white unto harvest, tommorow may be too late for some, order today.
To order send your check, to

Gene Howard P.O. Box 5385, Bryan TX 77805

or go to and use

a credit card, or send from your pay pal account to my
Email address

THE DVD VIDEO IS $15.00 AND CD'S ARE $10.00 with free shipping
but if you buy both at the same time you get both for $20.00

A good percentage receive Christ as Savior or are ready to be led to the Lord after listening to this message. It is not me, it is the word of God, and the Holy Spirit that brings conviction. The word of God will do the work of God, we just have to get it to them.

Click on the cover below to better see the pictures on back of the cover.

To see a 90 second sampler of the video, click the play button below twice.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Native American Conference in Wichita, Kansas

Hosted by Pas. Larry Olson and Heritage Baptist Church
He and his Chruch did a tremendous job of putting on the
conference at a youth camp outside Wichita. Bro Larry
really has a burden for the Native American Indians.

Roam Wager was the main speaker. He is a former
Rodeo Champion, and is constantly on the road for
the Lord, speaking in churches and condferences.
He is quite a Preacher and I guarantee you
won't go to sleep on him.

Ed and Ruby Bausell were responsible for a lot of the
South Dakota works that were done.

It was so good to see Ed and Ruby again.
We went to school together in 1974. They
have been on the mission field since 1978,
and have started several churches on the reservations

These young men were from a Christian School
that came to the conference. They are part of
the singing group on the video below.

This is one of the Native American Displays

This is Missionary Kaeo, as native Hawaiian

This was his display there.

Below are some of the Native American Indians

that spoke at the conference, gave testimonies,
and shared their works with us.

Being and artist, I thought this Native American
had the classic Indian profile. He has a tremendous
testimony about his salvation and what
all God delivered him from in his life.

Here is a clip from the teens that sang at the conference.

We drove back home in one day from Wichita dodging tornado's and
fighting the wind and rain. Left at 6am and got home at 8pm. The
Lord certainly was watching out for us.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Sunday morning Norma and I had a part in the services at Heritage Baptist Church in Wichita Ks. , where Larry Olson is the Pastor. We were there for Western Sunday and a good crowd came. I had a part in the services doing some of my poems to warm up the congregation.

These four outlaws from the left to the right is Greg Waggoner, Then there is me, Pastor Larry Olson Pastor of Heritage Baptist, and Rome Wager, Pastor Greg Waggoner from Amarillo, sings better than most on the Grand Old Oprey, but chose to use his talent for the Lord. Rome Wager is a Sioux Indian, and an evangelist that can preach up a storm and is a world champion Rodeo Cowboy. He did a good job of preaching, with several at the altar.
This Couple were led to the Lord by Pastor Olson last week. They are former Jehovah false witnesses for many years. Bro Larry was used by the Lord to bring them out of that cult.
This is Pastor Ron Jones of Temple Baptist in Eldorado Kansas. Eldorado is the name of one of John Wayne,s movies. He has a good church and really preaches the word.
I had a part in the services there and got aquainted with the Bro. Ron and his folks. They are going to have me back for a special Patriotic Day, and we will try to visit the Veterans Hospital again there in Wichita while we are with them.

Well now we are off to the Native American Missions Conference to be held at a youth camp ground somewhere in the Wichita area. Iwill post pictures when I get home Thursday.

Thanks for keeping up with our ministry,

Gene and Norma

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Norma is with me on this trip. Our first stop was Babes in Carrollton, Tx. Before you disown us it is not a Gentleman's club. LoL It is a famous fried chicken chain in the Dallas area with about 7 store. The owner hired us to come in and give out my free picture tracts and talk with the people while they were eating. We passed out about 300 picture tracts in 3 hours there. Then it was on to Frisco Tx. where I performed at a banquet honoring the retiring Mayor Simpson. And of course passed out pictures. Paul Vineyard the owner is a great guy and so is his son Joel. Very hospitable and easy to work with.
We left there at 10pm and drove all the way to Wichita Ks arriving about 9am with only a 2 hour nap in a road side park.
We went to bed and Slept for about 5 hours and then it was off to the American Cancer Society event in Old Western Town in Wichita. We passed out almost 500 tracts to the people. I met an artist that did a portrait of John Wayne and they sold it at the auction to raise money for the American Cancer Society. The guy walking away in the first pictue is the Pastor Larry Olson. I will get a better picture of him this morning in the services here at Heritage Baptist Church. We are here for the kick off of the Native American Missions conference.
More pictures tomorrow.
Gene and Norma

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Well pilgrim, every once in a while the Duke had to kill a snake in the grass. In this case this 5 foot snake was in my office. So I said hoe hoe hoe instead of shooting him. The gun shot would have messed up my carpet more than the hoe did.
That's the second snake I have seen in a week around the house. The other one was a 2 foot garter snake. I am sure it was a snake because I did not see any dance hall girls around that could have lost a garter.
Have a great weekend and I will tell you all about my tour of Dallas and Wichita Ks. when I get back