Sunday, April 27, 2008


I went to a small dirt track with Pas. Mike Rucker. He has a dirt race car named John 3:16

He has a ministry to race car people and preaches at tracks and has prayer with them. He is called the FLYING PREACHER. He went to this track to work out some bugs in his car before he goes to Dallas to race next week.

There were several races last night, the cars are all a lot smaller than Mike's. Some are almost like go karts. Whole families come to the tract and it becomes a family affair. I passed out tracts to this family, and the young driver below.

Towmater was even there.

We were able to pass out quite a few tracts last night.
The lady below is involved in racing, and got saved in the servi ces this morning at Bible Baptist Church. In the picture is Pastor Rucker, and his wife Sheree and the Lady in pink is the ne that got saved.

Tomorrow morning I film a televison commercial to help out a pro life, pro gun Baptist political candidate, before I head back home to Bryan.

More later, thanks for looking,

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