Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Dear Friends and Supporters, By faith I had $800 worth of signs put on the motor home. I figured with $4.00 a gallon and 8 miles to the gallon, I had better make a rolling billboard out of the motor home. One secular gig will pay for the work done so far.

Here you see pictures of the motor home and the signs that are now on it.

I still need about $500 to $600 more in addition to the $800 to be done. What is not now on the motor home, but my artist conception in the pictures below, is the 3 large "John Wayne impersonator, Dr. Gene Howard". This really needs to be done to complete the ad, but God will have to send in the money. Please have your group or church pray for this need. God has used secular events to get thousands of tracts into the hands of lost people, and the money from these events sure do help me to go to small churches and to Veteran Hospitals.
We will be on our way Friday to Dallas to appear for a retiring Mayor and then on to Wichita Kansas to be with a Cancer Society fund raiser. Then on Sunday with Pas. Larry Olson at Heritage Baptist Sunday morning and Sunday night at Temple Baptist in Eldorado, Ks. On Monday and Tuesday I will be at the Native American Missions Conference at Heritage Baptist.
Pray for souls to be saved and for God to bless the tracts given out in Dallas and in Wichita at the Cancer Society fund raiser.
Thanks for your prayers,

Gene and Norma

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