Wednesday, June 18, 2008


with Johnny and Jill Witmore
They are a great couple that love the Lord and serve Him at
Southwest Baptist Church. Jill got saved under my ministry at
Bible Baptist in Wichita Falls where Mike Rucker
is the Pastor.Mike is also involved in racing. He said I will be getting a call
from Motorsport Raceway in Dallas Ft. Worth to pass out tracs there.
Johnny drives a race car, and he and Jill are
involved in ministering to the drivers of race cars.
We went to the track with them Saturday night
to pass out tracts and to plug the meeting at
Southwest Baptist held the next morning.
Isn't Norma looking good, I am so proud of her,
she has lost about 40 pounds. It should help
to have less weight on that bad knee. Keep praying
for her knee to make a full recovery.
There were about 2,000 fans in the stands.

Jill, Norma, and Pastor Nick Adams. This is
where the virus and the race car fumes caught up to
poor Noma and we had to leave before halftime.

This is the Winners Circle where I did my
flag poem "Son do you see old glory"
before they played the National Anthem.

You think your gas is high. This is 110 octane
and is over $6.00 a gallon.

Inside the Parts trailer, where drivers
can get tires and repair items.

I passed out tracts to the people coming in.
I had time to pass out over 500. I had presigned
them before going to the track.

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