Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This picture taken on Mother's Day
Betty Goates, my Wife's Mother moved in with us
about 5 years ago. She is almost blind from diabetes.
They are selling her house in
Uvalde, Tx and we had to rent a Uhaul trailer and
hook it behind the motorhome to bring all her stuff
here to our house. My wife held a garage sale to help her sell it.

Lots of people came through this sale, and we saw
it as an oppertunity to give out the Gospel.

We made my picture tract available at the sales table
and gave out quite a few to those that came to the sale.
Almost anything can be used for the Lord if we just
will take time to think about the lost souls out there.

You don't have to look like John Wayne to give out
tracts, there are a lot of creative tracts out there that
look like money etc. But if you want some of mine to
give out, I will make them available almost at cost.

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