Thursday, July 24, 2008


EAST TEXAS BAPTIST CAMPMEETINGBro. and Sis. Bob Wills celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary
at the camp meeting, singing for the preachers and church members.
Bob makes my CD's and DVD's for me.

It was well attended with about 600 average Mon-Fri.

I met several preachers that I did not know and
got some possible bookings in the future.
I just did my poem about the flag for the crowd,
and enjoyed setting back and getting some tremendous preaching

This was the view I had from my sales table.

Dan Tarno did a lot of the putting together and Evangelist Singer
Bro. Erwin MC'd it and help get the talent in. He took me fishing
on a local lake for a couple of hours. No we didn't catch any this time.


Pastor Raymond Castro took the church running about 8
and has built it up to over 80 now and they are on fire for the Lord
Here I am with Pastor Castro and his Lil Lady.
No that cross is not sticking out of my hat.

No one was saved in the services, but a family joined
the church,and two more were Baptised.


I entertained there and passed out about 400 picture tracts.

There were over 600 in attendance at the annual meeting.

Ben brought his stage coach for people to take picture with me.

These are workers at the Texas Road House in Denton Tx.
I passed out over 20 tracts to the workers there and many
more to customers that came up to our table.

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