Monday, July 6, 2009


Pastor Allen Reeves has been there a long time
and has done a tremendous job for the Lord
This is the 4th church building that they have built
The congregation of this Church are on fire for the Lord
and one of the best churches I have ever been with.

They let me teach Sunday School and
I did the 10 commandments.
I drew on my board and they put it on the
two big screens so everyone could see.

They had some wonderful hand bells in the
service playing Patriotic Music.

This lil Lady Margie Miller "BOOTS"
has a Clown Ministry, She and her Husband
were also kind enough to man my tables for me.
Nice people willing to help me.

The Indians also turned out to greet me.

They run about 800 in the services.
The Lord saved 9 in the services

They had about as many on Sunday night.

They built this rocket and put it in the Foyer.

After Sunday eve services they had a Patriotic
celebration on their land, with all kinds of inflatable
slides and jumps for the kids. They also had horseback
rides, the Army climbing tower and a tent giving
the wordless book presentation. They had 98 saved there.

Over 2,000 people came for the celebration.

And the best Fireworks show I have ever seen.
Theirs start like most shows end.

Some of the those attending. Lots of visitors.

11 were saved in the services and 2 re dedications.

One of those that re-dedicated on the left with
Pastor Curtis Herrington. The other one
told me at the lunch that he has been out of church
for a long time and this was his turning point to get back.
Pastor Herrington has been faithful to minister here for 30 years.

I had to take a picture of this cute baby.

Dinner on the grounds, and it was good.

AMERICAN FAMILY REUNION IN LIBERTY HILL, TXDon Bebee, the founder and president of the
American Family Reunion, a proclamation getting
Americans back to the Declaration of Independence.
Go to
and get the full story. I appeared there on
July 3 and a Veteran's luncheon on July 4th.

We Kicked off July 4th with a parade and
I passed out tracts along the route.

Norma also rode on the float and threw out candy.
July 2 was our 49 wedding anniversary. We spent it
in Austin and ate at Evangline Cafe for lunch. Great
Caujin food. We had dinner at Catfish Paulor, and
it too was a great place for seafood.

I did the Flag poem for these boys from the
Bluegrass group "The Redhead Express".

The Redhead Express Bluegrass family, appeared on the same
stage with me. Norma and I met them in Branson
when we took in some shows on our mini vacation last fall.
They are a great group, and now appearing at
the Dutton Theatre in Branson. You can find out more at

This is Preston, a great guy and was a real help to me.

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