Friday, May 9, 2008


Native American Conference in Wichita, Kansas

Hosted by Pas. Larry Olson and Heritage Baptist Church
He and his Chruch did a tremendous job of putting on the
conference at a youth camp outside Wichita. Bro Larry
really has a burden for the Native American Indians.

Roam Wager was the main speaker. He is a former
Rodeo Champion, and is constantly on the road for
the Lord, speaking in churches and condferences.
He is quite a Preacher and I guarantee you
won't go to sleep on him.

Ed and Ruby Bausell were responsible for a lot of the
South Dakota works that were done.

It was so good to see Ed and Ruby again.
We went to school together in 1974. They
have been on the mission field since 1978,
and have started several churches on the reservations

These young men were from a Christian School
that came to the conference. They are part of
the singing group on the video below.

This is one of the Native American Displays

This is Missionary Kaeo, as native Hawaiian

This was his display there.

Below are some of the Native American Indians

that spoke at the conference, gave testimonies,
and shared their works with us.

Being and artist, I thought this Native American
had the classic Indian profile. He has a tremendous
testimony about his salvation and what
all God delivered him from in his life.

Here is a clip from the teens that sang at the conference.

We drove back home in one day from Wichita dodging tornado's and
fighting the wind and rain. Left at 6am and got home at 8pm. The
Lord certainly was watching out for us.

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I sometimes wonder said...

Bro. Olson sent your blog out to the church and other attendees. It was wonderful to have you and your wife with us this year!

Ernie Thomas
We can pray when we can't do anything else ... and there is little else we can do before we pray.