Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Everyone was invited and the Lord saved 2 visitors.

The Cowboy Gathering was put together
by Dan Glasscock of Christoval Cowboy Church.
Bud and Barbara Arendt also worked with me on this,
and took me out to eat after the services Sunday in Eldorado.

It was a long drive to Christoval close to San Angelo.
I will do a painting of this farm I saw on the way.

There were 5 Cowboy Churches that participated
in the gathering. A new work in Ballingerdid not have a sign,
and the Brushy Top Cowboy Church in Eldorado,
another new work.

Overview of the park were the gathering was held.

The mechanical bull was a big hit with this lil cowboy.
This is Colton Arendt, 7 years old.

This picture might make a good painting.

There was a lot of cooking going on, including
Fajitas, and several baked in the ground cobblers.

Coffee was always on.

Some had some real nice chuck wagons.

The fellow with the walker, made the best chili I
had ever put in my well used mouth. He is sending
me the receipe for it. I can't wait to cook it myself.
I am writing this blog at 9:00am and I could eat
another bowl of it right now. ummmmmm good.

Cobbler in the making by these cowgirls.
These Cowboys did not go around hungry.

They are training their future cooks. Just as
we need to train our future leaders and teachers
in our churches.

They had a tent set up, and the crowd listened to
Christian music played by the Cowboy Bands
from the Cowboy Churches that came.

That night I preached my Freedom and Sacrifice
message to over a hundred that came and two
were snatched from the Devils herd and put
into the Lord's fold.

I used my MotorHome to hold the screen
for video background for my message.

Not everyone sit under the tent.

"You want me to do what?"
Wasn't too bad once I got on.
But hard on the hips, that was a wide Longhorn

Since I live in Aggieland and Texas Longhorns
are our rivials, I felt good about being on top.

Of course, lots of tracts were give out to the visitors.

Looking across my table.

Special music from a Cowboy Singer

I thank Pastor Andy Anderson for giving me his
pulpit and for having me in on the way back home.
I apologize for not getting a picture with him.

I did get a picture of the Mayor John Nikolauk .
We had a long talk before services, and he is
definetly a conservative politician in Eldorado.

This is the Assoc. Pastor that did the Childrens
story time before my message. Put it down where
the children can get it, and the adults will get it too.

We had a good attendance, and all got the Gospel.

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