Wednesday, October 1, 2008


WOODLAWN BAPTIST IN DERBY KANSAS Pastor Talbert was not a pain in the neck for me,
but he has a severe neck problem.
Please pray for him. He has had an MRI and
will get the results today. He may be facing
very serious surgery.

I got to teach a combined Sunday School.

Some of the congregation that came. One was
saved in the services that morning.

This young man took my pictue and put it on a
castle moving tractor. I guess I am driving.

I am fasinated by the kids that are fasinated by
my DVD on my sales table.

We visited Shutins and those in Assisted Care.
The Pastor's wife Clarissa went with us and talks with Marge.

This is Terry, Marge's Son. Terry has a
unique gift of making names out of wire.

He has sent them to U.S. Presidents and
received letters of appreciations from them.
Terry came to services and heard my FS Sunday

VISITING WITH GOVERNER HUCKABEE AT PRO LIFE EVENTThe line was long to get his latest book signed

It was good to see him again. I told him to tell Sen. McCain
to stand up and start telling the truth about Oboma
or he was going to lose the election. I had met him in Arkansas several
years ago when I was with a church and he was Governer.
he and his wife Janet were staying in the same motel and they are
big John Wayne fans and wanted to visit with me.
We had talked for hours about the Lord.

This is Linda Wilson and my wife Norma. Her and her Husband Wayne
are our friends, and love our ministry and had bought a table
6' from the speakers stand and they asked us to set with them.
Wow it was a real thrill and so kind of them to do so.
We had a great time of fellowship and got to hear
Governer Huckabee speak up close. He did a great job.

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