Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Leon High School outside Jewett Tx honored
our Veterans on Nov 11 and had me speak. I was did my flag poem "Son Do You See Old Glory Up There"
and honored all the Veterans that came to the program.
They also gave me the freedom to tell the kids about my salvation,
and how God delivered me from following my Dad's footsteps as
an alcholic. I told them how they do not have to be enslaved
to anything. How God has given them a talent and they should
learn how to make a living with it and they will never have to work a
day in their life, because they will enjoy what they are doing for a living.
By the way when is the last time you have heard of a school allowing
someone to do gun handling? This is definitely a conservative school.
I regret not getting my pictue taken with the busy Mrs. Engleman,
that was in charge of setting up this program, and did a great job.

They had the 20 veterans set on the front row.

Here is a picture of the Vets that came
If you look close I am in the back of them.

The school auditorium was
packed with students and visitors.

This little lady did a great job on the
WWII song Boggie Woogie Bugle Boy.

I had a table set up and passed
out about 300 picture tracts.

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