Monday, September 14, 2009


Pastor and Mrs. Webster have been at Liberty
Baptist for 25 years and still doing a great job for
the Lord. Thank God for Preachers that stick.

Some the Western Sunday crowd. The Lord
saved 7 in the services here and 4 more in
the Spanish Church going on in the Gym.

The choir sang a great old time song.
The Ladie Trio was right on target with their song
and they really really have a great sound together.

A solo by this Sister was on the blood of Christ
and that was what I was preaching on.

Cowboy greeters at the door.

Dinner on the Ground with the best fixins.
and BBQ all the way from Bowie Texas.

BELOW ARE PICTURES I TOOK IN SS CLASSESThis Pilgrim was my guide to find them all.

After dinner we took pictures with the folks.
They had western props clothes that could put on.

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