Tuesday, September 29, 2009


TRIP AND MEETING WITH MIDLANDS BBC BELLEVUE, NE. Trip started with fog delaying first flight.
Second flight delayed by mechanical problems
and had to transfer to another airplane.

But it gave me a chance to pass out a
a lot of tracts in the airport.

Good to see Pastor Lydick again.
We went to school together and
I taught his beautiful wife Sandy in
my drawing class at BBC in Springfield.
They were finishing up a SS campaign with the
losing class getting to sit with AWOL.

The college class got the honor this morning.

Some of the lively crowd in the services. They
are just like their Pastor and his wife,
They love to laugh and have a good time.

This is Charity a real cutie wearing my hat.

I got to teach the Kings Kids a lesson about
the cowboy dress, comparing it to the Bible.

On the way to the Airport Monday we went to
eat in Downtown Omaha.

This person was playing an instrument for donation.
I also gave her a tract, and she was reading it.

We went to the Spaghetti Warehouse.

They had an old phone booth like I
use to work on when I worked for the
the telephone co. in Sugarland Tx.

Mary and Sandy like the head waiter.

The staff all took picture tracts from me. The
best spaghetti I have ever eaten. Had red clam sauce.

If you don get Mike Waters cartoons each week
they are free and you should subscribe.

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