Friday, September 4, 2009


NATIONAL TEA PARTY BUS TOUR WACO STOPThere were over 1,500 there, and I had a
chance to pass out about 300 tracts. Just because
people are patriotic and are for physical freedom
does not mean they are spiritually free.

God had them park my motor home right next to
my good friend Robert Summers statue. Robert and
his Son Temple, took my look like John Wayne pics
for me, and wouldn't take a dime for it. Robert also
made the official JW Statue in Orange Co. airport and
also the Bear Bryant statue and so many more. He is
nationally and internationally known and one of my best friends.

I had a little fun with the Bull. Just about as hard
to hold back the bull in Washington DC.

There were lots of signs everywhere.

Old, young, and Handicapped were all there.

This Donkey had a sign about not letting the
Government make a Jack ....out of us.

This is the camera crew and Tim in blue is the
Brother in law of Sean Hannity. I gave him my
to him to get to Sean. Pray that he likes it and will use
it on his program. This is an answer to prayer
as I have been praying sinceGod gave me the
"You have become an Abomonation" poemthat I could
get it someway into Hannitys hands. It is Poem about God
talking to our nation.I also gave him my
Freedom and Sacrifice DVD, the poem I wrote about the flag,
and my poem book with 29 poems in it . Pray God
will use them to help turn our nation around.

I got to close out the Waco section with Griff Jenkins
on the Sean Hannityshow with my JW
" Back to you Sean, were burning daylight"
I am on video on Sean Hannitys blog
with a short statement about why I was there.
I loved all the flags every where and
some going back to our founding Fathers.

I did not have someone to take my pictures , but
I was on this stage at the start of the Rally doing
my poem "Son do you see old Glory flying up there"
and then I led the crowd in the pledge to our flag. This is some of the crowd I spoke to at 4PM

But the after people got off of work the
crowd grew even more to over 1,500
Pray that God will use all the tracts given out,
and that Sean Hannity will be able to use
what God gave to me to give ot him.

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