Monday, October 12, 2009


NEW TABOR BRETHREN CHURCH IN CALDWELL TXA country church that invited me to speak at a
Cowboy type get together outside on Saturday.

A horse whisperer John Wyble couldn't bring a
wild horse to demonstrate because of the wet ground,
but did an excellent job of relating some cowboy stories
to the word of God. His wife saw me at a children's
library storytelling and invited me to their church.

This is Pastor Johnson watching John speak.
He has been there for about 5 years and knew
of me from the publicity of my being at Calvary Baptist
in Palestine, he had Pastored another church in Palestine.
when he Pastored another church there.

David and his wife Rhonda did a great Duet.
Another solo was done but I failed to get a pic.
After the music, I preached and the Lord saw
fit to save 3 in the services that cool, wet, eve.

The Pastor also leads the Choir and they just did
a great job sounding like a choir of 50.

Some of those that came. We had visitors and
5 received Christ as Savior in that service.

This family met me at McDonalds on
Thursday. They are from Tuzon, Az.

For you Italians, I am now growing
Cacusa (sp)Squash. Mmm are they good
pealed, cut in slices, battered in egg
and cornmeal and fried.

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