Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This is David Carter, Associate Pastor for his Dad.
He picked me up at the airport in Raleigh Durham.

This is Gavin, He is a big Duke fan and came
with the Associate Pastor to pick me up at the airport.

This is Pastor Don Carter Pastor of
Baptist Temple in Burlington NC.
He has been there many years and
has done a great job of standing for the faith.

They had a nice sign on the door. If you look
close you can see me taking the picture in the glass.

This young man greeted me at the door,
and with his 6'11" height made me
feel like I was Mickey Rooney.

Great song leader and outstanding choir,
singing the old songs and hymns that I love.

Some of the crowd that came with several visitors.
7 came to Jesus in the morning and 1 more that night.

They had a best western dress contest.

This is David and his Son Carson a big Duke fan
already from watching John Wayne movies with
his Dad. Carson even left his Grandpaw's arms at
where we ate to be held by me. Very unusual his
Grandpaw said for him to take to a stranger like that.
But I think he thought I was the guy he had
been watching on Televison with his Dad. lol

This is Pastor Carter's Mother. 100 years old,
and a real sweetheart. Had a good time meeting her.

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