Tuesday, March 31, 2009


AGGIES THAT CAME OVER TO OUR HOUSEThese Aggies were part of a workday program that
help people with jobs around the house. They cleaned
our windows, trimed the hedges, and washed my
motorhome. They worked hard and did a good job.
Norma invited them to our church and 2 came Sunday.

Pastor Robert Horton took the church last year.
He and his wife have done a good job of increasing
both the attendance and the offering for missions.
He retired from another church only to be called
to be the Pastor of this country work.

Some of the crowd. They usually run about 70 a
and had 109 in attendance with several visitors.
10 were saved and 3 have already commited to joining
the church next Sunday.

One of those that got saved in the middle.
He is one of those that will join the church.

SUNDAY NIGHT AT GRACE BAPTIST IN RED ROCK, TXPastor and Mrs. Miller and some of the members.
They are reading though the Bible in 90 days and
reviewing each week what they have read.
Another country church but the biggest thing in Red Rock.
They have several outreach ministires.

The General provided some great music on the organ.
No one saved but a good resonse to my Alamo Message.
It talks about standing up for the Lord today.

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