Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Pastor R.O. Murray started a church
out in the country in a barn. They are not
a large church in numbers, but boy are
they dedicated to doing the Lord's work.

Pastor Murray has a great knowledge of promotion,
and has had a lot of talent come to his church. They
even have a couple of wrestlers in the chruch that do
exibitions at VA Hospitals and give the Gospel.

Some of the crowd Sunday, the Lord saved 7 of them
Notice the pictures around the wall of speakers they have had.

This lion is on the platform with the Bible.
When I first saw it I thought was a real stuffed lion

To the right of the lion was a lighted
Cross with the angels blowing trumpets.
It was very imperssive.

They have a great trio, singing some
unusual arrangements but really creative,
and moving music.

Developing young talent in the church.

The church does a lot of mission work in Mexico,
Romania, and other places. They have a giving spirit
of their time and talent to the Lord and the lost.

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